Gorgeous Stationery, Because You’ll Write More This Year — Right?

Convenient though it may be, modern correspondence — with its typo-heavy emails and emoji-littered texts — lacks a certain romance. There's no lopsided handwriting to admire, no doodles in margins, no lipsticked kisses in place of a signature. In the era of the smartphone — when sending a message is quick, easy, and anything but mindful — we wonder whether the days of pen and paper, handwritten love letters, and non-electronic "thinking-of-you"s are really behind us.
In good-natured defiance, we're resolving to write more letters by hand in the new year. To start, we've gone in search of stationery sets, letter pads, and note cards that feel fresh, hip, and youthful — but still require good, old-fashioned stamp-licking. Use them for all occasions, any time of year (but, may we remind you, now is as good a moment as any to get a jump start on your post-holiday thank-you notes). Write on.

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