Gorgeous Stationery, Because You'll Write More This Year — Right?

Convenient though it may be, modern correspondence — with its typo-heavy emails and emoji-littered texts — lacks a certain romance. There's no lopsided handwriting to admire, no doodles in margins, no lipsticked kisses in place of a signature. In the era of the smartphone — when sending a message is quick, easy, and anything but mindful — we wonder whether the days of pen and paper, handwritten love letters, and non-electronic "thinking-of-you"s are really behind us.
In good-natured defiance, we're resolving to write more letters by hand in the new year. To start, we've gone in search of stationery sets, letter pads, and note cards that feel fresh, hip, and youthful — but still require good, old-fashioned stamp-licking. Use them for all occasions, any time of year (but, may we remind you, now is as good a moment as any to get a jump start on your post-holiday thank-you notes). Write on.
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Open the envelopes that come with Mr. Boddington's Dr. Braque stationery to reveal a richly-colored surprise.
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Send well wishes under the light of a gold moon with Native Bear's galaxy-themed note cards.
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Moglea's hand-bound "letterquette" comes emblazoned with the line, "To get a letter, write a letter." Inside, find 12 sheets of beautifully printed paper — with punchy, pitch-perfect envelopes to match.
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The pink-and-yellow marbling on these handmade cards reminds us of the inside of a gemstone. Tuck them into gold envelopes to complete the jewel-like effect.
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Under a black cover festooned with Rifle's trademark florals, you'll find 60 lined sheets of paper, perfectly sized for letter writing. (An additional $16 gets you 25 matching envelopes, decked out in the set's namesake butterflies.)
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Created by a former fashion designer, Hartland Brooklyn cards are bright and chipper and kissed with color — this set of eight flat notes, with its lighthearted pineapple print, is no exception.
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In grade school, throwing a paper plane across a classroom was one way of passing a note. Upgrade to the grown-up version of the childish pastime with these recycled-paper cards, printed with gold-foil planes on a peach-pink sky.
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Portland design studio Quill & Fox brings us a stationery set that proves there's more than one way to say hello.
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These cards, part of an indigo-themed series, are hand-lettered by Sycamore Street's Eva Jorgensen.
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These textured beauties, from Los Angeles-based line Well Received, feature real wood, faux ostrich leather, marble, and concrete.
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This set of DIY greeting cards allows nature lovers — or those who just like to craft — to create personalized prints using sunlight and water.
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This sublimely simple writing set — brought to you by a centuries-old purveyor of handmade paper in Tokyo — is bordered in tomato red.
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Send your gratitude in the most elegant way with this calligraphy garden-rose thank-you card.

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