North West, Social Media Genius, Shares Her Mom’s Old Bikini Photo On Instagram

What were you doing when you were 2? Playing with blocks, probably, or focusing on getting food from the plate to your mouth. Those sound like pretty standard achievements for someone who's only spent a couple of years on the planet. If you're North West, however, child of Kanye and Kim Kardashian West, the bar seems to be set slightly higher. When your mother has over 50 million Instagram followers, you probably learn the importance of social media at a young age. You may even learn how to upload pictures to the platform at the tender age of 2. Who knows? It could be possible. Her father is a self-proclaimed genius. We might have a future Mark Zuckerberg on our hands with this little one. I'm being hyperbolic, of course. Still, it's highly amusing to picture tiny North managing her mother's social media accounts. Imagine the stylish tot sitting in her playroom, treating it like mission control, laying out strategy for her mom's social channels. "We can't do #TBT or #FBF this week because everyone knows you should only do it every other week or every third week, and that's only if you have something worth posting," North would say from her tiny power seat. Her minions would nod in response, because her word would be dogma. Anyway, Kim Kardashian claims that North accidentally posted this bikini photo while she was playing games on her mom's phone. I'm not sure how North closed out of her game, opened Instagram, selected this photo from one of surely thousands that must live on Kim Kardashian's phone at any given time, cropped it, and managed to actually post it, but Kim swears that her daughter, baby genius, did just that. Since Kim's fans don't miss a single post, she couldn't just delete it. So she went through the necessary touching up and recropping process in order for the photo to be posted properly with a witty caption about North's facility with the 'gram.
LOL, Kim. What's North's favorite filter?
OPENER IMAGE: Emily Taylor/WWD/REX Shutterstock.

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