27 Times Emma Stone Said Exactly What You Needed To Hear

Emma Stone is a comic genius. Onscreen, she makes us laugh with her witty delivery and expressive face. Off-screen, she cracks us up with her left-of-center observations and amazing anecdotes about her own life. Who could ever forget the time she got choked up talking about her love of the Spice Girls? Or how all she did was win, win, win no matter what in a lip-sync battle? Or any of the times she's made us burst out in a giant smile by calling out everyday sexism and being all-around awesome?
For the occasion of her 27th birthday, we combed through the archives of her interviews to find Emma Stone's funniest quotes. Since she burst onto the scene in Superbad through her Oscar-nominated turn in Birdman, Stone has made her way into our hearts with a slew of memorable remarks. In liu of actually hanging out with her for the day, enjoy some of her most spot-on moments.

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