This $5,900 Desk Lets You Lie Down & Work

Photo: Courtesy of Altwork.
There are standing desks and treadmill desks for people who like to be active while they work. But what if you want to lie down while you work? Your prayers have just been answered. A Sonoma Valley, CA start-up called Artwork just created its first product: The Altwork Station, which lets you sit, stand, and even recline while you're at your computer, according to Mashable. The Altwork Station is priced at $5,900. Yes, that’s a lot of money. But this thing does a lot more than your average desk: The Station is completely customizable, allowing users to adjust the desk to at least four different positions. “We aren’t trying for a general-purpose desk," Altwork cofounder and CEO Che Voigt told Wired. "This is designed for people whose job is to operate a computer. We are looking at CAD engineers, financial traders, animators, technical writers... Those are the people who, if their project gets done a little bit sooner, that’s a big deal.” At first glance, the Altwork Station looks like a weird, in-house space-station simulator — or a dentist’s chair from the future. That’s because the seat has a rather large arm that extends from the left side of the chair and holds up your laptop, monitor, and a small desk. Heavy-duty magnets hold the computer, monitors, keyboard, and mouse in place — and all are attached to the desk. It even comes with a magnetized remote that lets you adjust which position you’d like to work in. According to reviews, the transition between one position and another is a little jerky — but hey, this isn’t a La-Z-Boy.
The Altwork's coolest feature is its ability to recline, and the monitor and desk will move with you while remaining comfortably aligned. That's right: You can actually lie down and work — that is, if you’re not terrified by the idea of your computer monitor floating above your head, only held together by magnets. That, or the possibility of falling asleep in the office. At a whopping 210 pounds, the Altwork Station is extremely heavy, so it can hold a human, a computer, and plenty of gear in various positions. But that means that once you set this workstation up, you’re probably not moving again. That’s why Altwork will deliver the station fully assembled when it starts shipping in 2016. (The company is selling its first run for "early adopters" for as low as $3,900.)
Watch the video below to see the Altwork Station in action.

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