Here’s What World Leaders Would Look Like With Man Buns

After Leo snipped off his and The New York Times reported on its demise (or NYC's waning interest in it, at least), we thought we were in the clear on the man bun. But, just when everyone thought the style's reign was dead and gone, the internet came along to prove us wrong.
When Australia-based online market place DesignCrowd sent out a notice challenging users to digitally give famous politicians the infamous 'do, the graphic designers of the world delivered with 101 hilarious takes.
These aren't your grandmother's Photoshop jobs, either. These buns sitting atop the heads of famous politicians like President Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Kim Jong-un are clearly the works of very talented professionals. The strands are so lifelike, and the styles so perfectly disheveled, that we almost find ourselves with man-bun envy (shudders). The bright side of these digital manipulations (for the politicians, at least)? They won't have to worry about traction alopecia.
Like we've said before, if the internet's good for anything, it's for turning our most random thoughts into reality. Points for you, world-wide web. Now, click through to see the man buns in all their glory.

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