This Man Paints Celebrity Portraits With His Penis

Photo: Gallo Images/ Getty Entertainment Images.
Artists use many media to create their art. For Tim Patch, the medium is less important than the tool — he creates his paintings using his penis. Mr. Patch, known by his fans as "Pricasso," has created celebrity portraits of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis, among others, all with his genitals. His paintings go for $299 to $1000. Along with the painting itself, buyers receive a DVD of his entire process to prove he didn't just pick up a paintbrush halfway through, as well as an edited, three-minute version, to show off to friends, I assume, when they compliment your new portrait.
Patch, who lives in Australia, will admit his penis isn't his only instrument. He also uses his testicles and butt. And if you want a live demonstration of his penis-painting abilities, you can catch him from November 13 to 15 at London's Sexpo. He'll also come to your party — and promises he can churn out 20 portraits a day. That is a truly prolific penis.

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