She Tinder-Matched With “The Most Hated Man In America” & This Is What Happened

Your suspicions about the caliber of the singles available on Tinder have just been confirmed: Martin Shkreli, otherwise known as the guy who jacked up the price of AIDS drugs and earned himself the title of “Most Hated Man in America” is on the app. And yes, some poor gal swiped right. The story could have ended there, but Eve Peyser, the young woman in question, decided to challenge her Tinder match about his unconscionable price-gouging. Because she took screenshots of everything, we get to see her call Shkreli out for thinking he is the “Snowden of AIDS drugs” and tell him capitalism is evil. How is this lady still single? "So I matched with the AIDS drug dude on Tinder," Peyser wrote.
Peyser got the ball rolling by asking Shkreli is he was "DTGMAD," or "down to give me AIDS." He responded with a rather clueless, still flirty "lol, hopefully you don't need them." When asked about his position on the flak he's received about his actions, Shkreli said that "the media and public don't want to look past a headline," adding that he wanted "accurate" coverage. Shkreli kept up a remarkably casual approach, peppered with "lol" and "haha" until Peyser wrote that "tbh you did what so may big pharma heads do: privilege profit over regard for human life ... capitalism is awful." His defense? "Not exactly. This disease was forsaken by drug companies for not being profitable enough. Only a few thousand people get it. So no new drugs for 70 years. Now we'll fix that. Also no one goes without drug even if they can't afford it."
"They [the public] don't understand it and want to be angry at someone," he added when Peyser, rather delicately, we might add, questioned him further.
It's clear this virtual match won’t be translating to a date IRL. Martin, we think it’s best to quit while you’re ahead. Maybe lie low on the dating scene for a bit? On the other hand, nothing turns a woman on like deciding to do the right thing and make important medication available at a low cost. Just saying.
OPENER IMAGE: Bloomberg.

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