Kim Kardashian Knows She Doesn’t Look Good In Everything

Photo: Courtesy of CNN.
Making sartorial choices that are super-flattering is an art form. Yet trying to dress for your specific physique can feel limiting when you're faced with "wear this, absolutely don't wear that" style mandates (and we're all about saying "fuck the fashion rules" here at Refinery29). But in this CNN video, Kim Kardashian made it clear that she's very committed to dressing for her body type these days.

"I think, number one, you have to know your own body type," Kardashian says in the video, which shows her getting gussied up for last month's blowout Givenchy spring '16 show. "So many things look amazing on my sister Kendall; we have completely different bodies. And you know something could look amazing on the runway and then just not fit my personal body type." This doesn't mean Kim hasn't had her fair share of unflattering-outfit faux pas along the way. "So I think that's been a lesson that I've had to learn — sometimes the hard way — that sometimes things don't always work out," she adds.
Kardashian also discussed her pregnancy style evolution (and revelations) in the video: "Being pregnant and a lot heavier, I think you have to show off the curves. It's not like I'm trying to hide my pregnancy, whereas my last pregnancy, I was trying to find looks that would hide it." It definitely sounds (and looks) like Kardashian has more fashion fun when she's expecting.


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