30 Times Gwyneth Paltrow Actually Had A Very Good Point

There are a few very good reasons for why Gwyneth Paltrow has long been the target of barbed criticism. One, everyone is jealous of this beautiful woman raised with privilege and born with talent, and two, she kind of asked for it when she started suggesting regular folk take health and living tips from her A-list, movie-star lifestyle. But on the occasion of Paltrow's 43rd birthday, we're not here to rehash the negativity of water and expensive coffee tables. Instead, we're here to point out that she's actually right on with a lot of the things she says.
As out of touch with the "common woman" as she may sometimes seem — which, sorry, but isn't not being common the whole raison d'être of many of our beloved magazines and blogs — she is in touch with herself now. Paltrow can be very funny and self-deprecating as she talks about her own struggles as a mother (albeit one with a lot of money) and a public figure. She is, after all, a feminist, an entrepreneur, a foodie, and a health nut. Even if her friends are people like Beyoncé and Cameron Diaz, she talks about female friendship the same way we do. And although she used a silly term like "conscious uncoupling," she has some interesting things to say about the goals of co-parenting after divorce.
We take Goop with a grain of salt (see: her guide to yawning), sure. Still, click ahead, and we dare you not to nod your head in agreement with some of these quotes.

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