30 Times Gwyneth Paltrow Actually Had A Very Good Point

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There are a few very good reasons for why Gwyneth Paltrow has long been the target of barbed criticism. One, everyone is jealous of this beautiful woman raised with privilege and born with talent, and two, she kind of asked for it when she started suggesting regular folk take health and living tips from her A-list, movie-star lifestyle. But on the occasion of Paltrow's 43rd birthday, we're not here to rehash the negativity of water and expensive coffee tables. Instead, we're here to point out that she's actually right on with a lot of the things she says.

As out of touch with the "common woman" as she may sometimes seem — which, sorry, but isn't not being common the whole raison d'être of many of our beloved magazines and blogs — she is in touch with herself now. Paltrow can be very funny and self-deprecating as she talks about her own struggles as a mother (albeit one with a lot of money) and a public figure. She is, after all, a feminist, an entrepreneur, a foodie, and a health nut. Even if her friends are people like Beyoncé and Cameron Diaz, she talks about female friendship the same way we do. And although she used a silly term like "conscious uncoupling," she has some interesting things to say about the goals of co-parenting after divorce.

We take Goop with a grain of salt (see: her guide to yawning), sure. Still, click ahead, and we dare you not to nod your head in agreement with some of these quotes.
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On Hanging Out With A Successful Friend

"If you're friends with someone before they become James Bond, and then they become James Bond and you're nervous to see them at a party because they are now James Bond, is that weird? #nerdalert#danielcraig #bornonthebayou"

Instagram, September 2015
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On Celebrity Haters

"When you've been made fun of and excoriated and dragged through the mud and lied about for 20 years in front of the world...you actually realize it's not about you. It really can't be about you. Somebody has to know you for something to be about you. They can think it's about you because you look a certain way or you've expressed an idea, but it can't be, it's not possible. You cannot be more than a representation of an internal object that person is carrying."

Code Conference, May 2014
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On Privileged White Girls Loving Hip-Hop

"It was an accident that I learned every word of Straight Outta Compton and to love something that a.) I had no real understanding of in terms of the culture that it was emanating from and b.) to love something that my parents literally could not grasp. But I was hooked. I can't remember what I ate for dinner last night but I could sing to you every single word of N.W.A's 'Fuck Tha Police' or [Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock's] 'It Takes Two.' Go figure."

— Interview with Jay Z for LifeandTimes.com, April 2011
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On Men's Role In Promoting Gender Equality

"My father fought for gender and race equality his whole short life. He saw the power in women and fostered many to success. I'm in for equality, are you? Pass it on. #LeanInTogether"

Instagram, March 2015
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On Why We Still Need International Women's Day

"Shouldn't everyday be all of us equally day? I guess we're #notthere #internationalwomensday@iwd2015 @clintonfoundation"

Instagram, March 2015
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On Fatherhood

"A friend once said to me right after my father died, 'everyone has a father, but not everyone has a daddy.' Brucie, you were both. To say that I miss you is an understatement. Happy Father's Day to you, wherever you are. You were the best of the best."

Instagram, June 2015
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On Losing A Father

"I would do anything to have him back, but half the reason that my life is good, has real, true value, is that he died. I would obviously rather have him alive, but he gave me so much in his death."

Harper's Bazaar, March 2012
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On Making Mistakes In Your 20s

"I was such a kid, I mean I was 22. It's taken me until 40 to get my head out of my ass."

— On Howard Stern, discussing her breakup with Brad Pitt, January 2015
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On How Obnoxious The Term "Conscious Uncoupling" Became

"I made a mistake. I didn't give it context. But it is a goofy term."

— On Howard Stern, January 2015
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On What Conscious Uncoupling Means, Anyway

"The idea is you try to do it with minimal acrimony and you say, 'Look, we have kids, we're always going to be a family and let's try to find all the positives in our relationship, all the things that brought us together, the friendship.' We actually have a really strong friendship and we laugh and we have fun. But there are times when it's really difficult and things happen and you're like, ‘I'm sure he doesn't want to hang out with me and I don't want to hang out with him.' But for the sake of the kids you do it. But you also don't do it all tense."

— On Howard Stern, January 2015
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On How Hard It Is To Be In A Long-Term Relationship

"I think you do fall in and out of love and you just keep going, and every time you go through a really difficult phase, you rediscover something new and it just gets better."

Harper's Bazaar, March 2012
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On What Friends Are For

"My female friendships have always been the cornerstones of my life. They challenge me and ask tough questions. They aren't just like, 'Yeah, what an asshole [he was].' They'll say, 'Well, what about you?' It makes a big difference."

Women's Health, June 2015
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On Career Regrets

"I look back on some of the choices that I've made and I'm like, why the hell did I say no to this and yes to that? And you look at the big picture and you think, there's a universal lesson here, and you know, you can't hold on. What good is it?"

— On Howard Stern, January 2015
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On Not Just Making Obscure, Artsy Things

"Moviemaking is not supposed to be a masturbatory exercise; it's supposed to be shared by other people."

W, September 2007
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On Bravery

"My future self is always afraid when I look back."

Fast Company, August 2015
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On Plastic Surgery

"I don't like the idea of it. I prefer the thought of ageing in the way French actresses do — have the odd cigarette and glass of wine and just enjoy life."

The Daily Mail, March 2013
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On Working Mother Guilt

"I do feel so guilty and, like, What am I doing? But I also want them to know work is really fun for me — 'Hey, look what I get to do!' As opposed to feeling like, Oh, I'm a terrible mother. Because that really just doesn't get you anywhere. It doesn't get them anywhere.'"

Good Housekeeping, January 2011
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On The Media Pitting Women Against Each Other

"I wonder if George Clooney would be asked about Puff Daddy's ancillary liquor line. I'm fascinated how the media in particular are so confounded by entrepreneurial women doing something outside of their box."

Time, when asked about the lifestyle brands of Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, and Reese Witherspoon, June 2015
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On Being A Female Entrepreneur

"I think we're in a funny time for women. We are more and more the breadwinners in families across America or contributing equally; there's a shift happening sociologically and psychologically. People are wrestling with this new archetype of being a woman with a brain who's also sexual and trying to do more than one thing at a time. I also feel proud. Why would I not want to do that, if it's a passion?"

Time, June 2015
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On The Mommy Wars

"As the mommy wars rage on, I am constantly perplexed and amazed by how little slack we cut each other as women. We see disapproval in the eyes of other mothers when we say how long we breastfed (Too long? Not long enough?), or whether we have decided to go back to work versus stay home. Is it not hard enough to attempt to raise children thoughtfully, while contributing something, or bringing home some (or more) of the bacon? Why do we feel so entitled to opine, often so negatively, on the choices of other women? Perhaps because there is so much pressure to do it all, and do it all well, all at the same time (impossible)."

Goop, May 2014
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On The Secret Of Life

"But, really, if you can figure out how to spend time with the people you love, how to laugh, and how to take care of yourself, that's the whole thing right there. That's the very best part of life."

Good Housekeeping, January 2011
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On Sharing Her Workout Regimen

"It's so much easier to sit home and not exercise and criticize other people. What I love is inspiring people."

Elle, September 2011
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On Bacon

"I'm not sure how healthy bacon is in general, but I know it's incredibly delicious."

My Father's Daughter (cookbook), 2011
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On Feeding Her Children

"My food philosophy is 'Nothing should be ruled out.' I don't believe in saying, 'You're not allowed that.' If my kids want a Shirley Temple with the radioactive cherry in it, go for it, you know?"

Women's Health, June 2015
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On Working-Poor Mothers Feeding Their Children

"After trying to complete this [feeding yourself on $29 a week] challenge (I would give myself a C-), I am even more outraged that there is still not equal pay in the workplace. Sorry to go on a tangent, but many hardworking mothers are being asked to do the impossible: Feed their families on a budget which can only support food businesses that provide low-quality food. The food system in our beautiful country needs to be subjected to a heavy revision—it is a cyclical problem, with repercussions that we all feel. I'm not suggesting everyone eat organic food from some high horse in the sky. I'm saying everyone should be able to afford fresh, real food. And if women were paid an equal wage, families might have more of a choice in the grocery aisles, not to mention in the rest of their lives."

Goop, April 2015
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On The Best Way To Cook

"Invest in what's real. Clean as you go. Drink while you cook. Make it fun. It doesn't have to be complicated. It will be what it will be."

My Father's Daughter, 2011
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On Perfection

"Striving to achieve a sense of perfection has been a misguided belief in my life, often leading me down the wrong path. It has made me, at times, place value on the wrong things. It has made me not listen to my true self for fear that I would somehow fail in another's eyes."

Goop, December 2012
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On Going Commando

"Let's just say everyone went scrambling for a razor. So I went from being the most beautiful to the most humiliated in one day.... I work a '70s vibe, you know what I mean? I don't. I don't. I don't."

The Ellen Degeneres Show, April 2013
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On Worrying About What Other People Think

"I don't hold onto fear as much as I used to, because I've learned a lot about not caring what strangers think about me. It's very liberating. It's very empowering, and I've learned a lot of that from Jay — Shawn Carter — Z, because his approach to life is very internal."

Harper's Bazaar, May 2013
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On Evolving Beyond Internet Bullying

"Perhaps the internet has been brought to us as a test in our emotional evolution. What is growth? What is maturity? It's being able to experience an external event and creating the space within to contain that experience, to see it through the filter of who you really are, to not be reactive. To see someone in a dress you don't like, and instead of writing from a username like shitebomber207: 'Who does this fat bitch think she is,' or whatever, even though you might feel that way, just stopping and saying to yourself, 'I wonder what this image represents to me that I feel such a surge of anger?' To love the internet for what it provides, but to know it's not real, and it's sometimes dangerous for our development."

Code Conference, May 2014

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