Hilarious Video Calls Out What We Actually Do In Activewear

Experiencing some serious athleisure fatigue these days? This send-up of sportswear being worn everywhere totally nails the inescapable spread of stretchy, neon, logo-plastered workout gear, far beyond the gym. Created by funny Australian vlogging sibling act Van Vuuren Bros, the goofy video touches on the many decidedly non-sweat-inducing activities one could do while decked out in rave-y printed leggings and sports bras.
An extensive array of stuff people do in workout clothes with no workout slated for anytime in the near future includes: grocery shopping, getting a manicure, grabbing coffee with friends, going to the movies, doing laundry, drinking Coke Zero, waiting for the bus, and smoking cigarettes. A few other Spandex-clad pursuits covered: showing off one's baby, buying activewear, and never exercising. Or, of course, doing "literally nothing in my activewear" (we've all been there...).
There's also a mix of real and tweaked sportswear tag lines — "Work It Like A Sweat Shop" alongside the Nike swoosh, for example — running throughout the video. Whether you love that "après sport" lifestyle (yes, that is a thing) or can't stand seeing leggings in every single setting these days, it certainly seems like athleisure is here to stay. Increased activewear sales significantly contributed to the additional $2 billion that American consumers spent on apparel, footwear, and accessories in 2014 over 2013, according to NPD Group. The market research firm also found that women's activewear sales grew a whopping 21%, to $18.5 billion, between June 2014 and June 2015. The rise of athleisure has even affected the typically stable denim market, which dropped 6% between 2013 and 2014. Because who wants to deal with a button, zipper, and only, say, 2% stretch when you can just wear yoga pants all the damn time? You just might reconsider your Spandex-filled sartorial choices for the most slothful of activities after watching the video, but hey, you do you...

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