Amy Schumer’s Makeup Artist Responds To Her Onstage Shout-Out

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Update: We caught up with Amy Schumer's makeup artist to ask her a couple of questions about the smoky-eye look. See below to see what she had to say. This article was originally published on September 20, 2015. More often than not, beauty looks (outside of the mani cam, which, RIP forever) take a backseat to fashion on the red carpet. Outside of those whose job it is to pay attention to the visages of celebs (hi!), what technique went into a celebs eyeliner is typically overlooked. Think about it: Even the E! camera's are more obsessed with a full-length look at what celebrities are wearing rather than those who put in work on their faces. Well, Amy Schumer gave the beauty underdogs some love tonight, by giving a shout-out to her makeup artist during her acceptance speech. "Thanks to the girl who gave me this kind of smoky eye...I love it," the actress stated while on stage. While she probably (definitely) said it jokingly, it's nice to see glam squad members getting some recognition. Real talk: Have you seen her smoky eye? Anyone who's ever attempted a similar look before knows: That kind of perfection deserves an award in and of itself. Ahead, we spoke to Schumer's go-to makeup girl, Andréa Tiller, who breaks down how to achieve the smoky-eye look yourself along with her reaction to Amy's shout-out.

What was your reaction when Amy mentioned you in her acceptance speech?
"I found out from social media. I was on my way back to the hotel from the venue, and I started receiving a ton of notifications with the smoky-eye statement. I first laughed to myself, because I know Amy, and it was such a random funny comment. What an unexpected sweet thing she said — I felt the love and I'm happy she loved her makeup! Mission accomplished!"

Do you think makeup artists get enough credit — particularly when it comes to award shows?
"In this day and age, thanks to social media, makeup artists are more exposed than ever, as everyone goes through and documents the getting-red-carpet-ready process. We're lucky to engage and interact directly in real time, that's a new kind of credit. Beauty is having a major moment. Everyone wants to achieve their favorite look and are doing it well. Actresses and artists are asked who they're wearing, but I can't wait to hear someone talk about their makeup on the red carpet. Maybe that's next!? "

You do makeup for Amy often — and have done smoky eyes on her in the past — anything about this particular look that made it stand out or that you love?
"She had such an elegant Zac Posen dress, with an edgy hairstyle, so I wanted the makeup to also make a statement, but in a sexy, glam way. To give it a pop, I used an unexpected color on the waterline using a turquoise liner, similar to her dress color, which tied the whole look together."

Was the smoky eye for tonight your idea or Amy's?
"When an important event like the Emmys comes up, we always chat about the look to make sure we are on the same page. Decision-making for the red carpet is always a collaborative process."
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Can you break down how, exactly, you did the smoky eye — what products you used, steps, etc.?
"Step one: For more pigment and long wear — good for the extreme heat — apply Copper Long-Wear Cream Shadow by Bobbi Brown on the eye socket and right under bottom lashes, framing the eyes. "Step two: Apply Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess (only the bronzy tone) at the outer corner of the eyes and crease with a fluffy blending brush. Apply the same colors under the eyes, on top of where you put the copper base. "Step three: Apply Dior 5 Couleurs #796 Palette (dark brown color) to smoke out the outer corner of the eyes — top and bottom — for drama. "Step four: Apply Urban Decay's 'Baked' Shadow with [your] finger, right on the center of the eye socket. Also use this color to highlight around the tear duct for a pop! "Step five: On the waterline, use Laura Mercier's 'Black Turquoise' Liner to give your eyes a subtle color pop. This was the same color as Amy's dress and brought the makeup look together. "Step six: Use a black liquid liner to make a thin line, so your false lashes have something to stick onto, when applied. "Step seven: Give your top and bottom lashes a coat of mascara. I like using Make Up For Ever's 'Smoky Lash,' especially for high heat, because it's waterproof! Step eight: Apply 'Strike a Pose' Velour Lashes." Any tips or pointers for readers who want to recreate the look at home?
"This smoky eye is very simple! A major tip is using a shadow base, so there is no shadow [residue] under your eyes and for longer wear. Also, make sure you have good brushes, especially blending ones! I love Laura Mercier's Pony Tail brush."

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