These 101 Dalmations-Themed Engagement Photos Are AMAZING

Photo: Melissa Biggerstaff.
One of the best meet-cutes in pop-culture history can be found in 101 Dalmatians, when Roger and Anita fall into a lake — and simultaneously fall in love with each other. The moment is orchestrated by their respective dogs, Pongo and Perdita, which immediately ups the cute factor, of course. And let's not forget about the handkerchief exchange.

Recognizing the romance of the old-school Disney animated feature, flesh-and-blood couple Tony Collier and Corinne Jones decided to re-create the iconic scene for their engagement photos. And it's only fitting, since Collier and Jones — who met in 2009 as students at the University of Illinois — both worked at Walt Disney World after college.

The photos were shot by Melissa Biggerstaff, and went viral this week after they were posted on Imgur. According to Cosmo, the couple plans to tie the knot in June. Hopefully, they'll use the opportunity for another adorable Disney tribute. Maybe something Up-themed? Click through to see the pics.

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