The Reaction To This Homeless Dad Will Bring You To Tears

Photo: Courtesy of Coby Persin.
The unfortunate truth about living in New York City is that we come across homeless men, women, and children on a daily basis. With over 58,000 people living on the streets, it's a major issue plaguing the wonderful place we call home. Popular YouTuber Coby Persin, who has a history of boundary-pushing social experiments, sought to discover just how New Yorkers react to the homeless they pass everyday. He hit the pavement (literally), posing first as a struggling addict, begging for change for "more weed, drugs, and alcohol," and then as a single father, asking for help for his family as his daughter lay sadly on his lap. Surprisingly, people didn't ignore Persin's starting scenario. In fact, he received tons of money from people (mostly men), who provided words of "encouragement" that ranged from, "Stay high, man. Stay high," and, "Make sure you get a big bottle." And just like that, his empty Starbucks cup was filled with dollar bills. You would think if people are going to help out someone who admits to spending their cash on drugs and alcohol, they're bound to help our a struggling dad and his daughter, right? Wrong. In a surprising turn, as Persin and a young child lay on the street, people seemingly walk right by, as if they don't exist. It's absolutely heartrending to witness. That is, until one woman comes along while walking her dog. She bends down to the two, hands them a wad of cash, and says, "This is all I made today, but you need it so much more than I do." She says a prayer and admits that, although she too is homeless, she believes that this family deserves the money more. What follows is a beautiful exchange that reminds us just how good humanity can actually be. To see the complete interaction, watch the video, below.