These Are The Colors To Watch For In The Spring ’16 Collections

Fashion Week (month, technically) sensory overload is a very real thing: There's a constant bombardment of fabrics, textures, silhouettes, and flashing camera lights. It's nice to have some focal point amid the excessive stimuli. At least we know which colors you're likely to see again and again this season, thanks to Pantone's semiannual Fashion Color Report. The hue gurus at Pantone talked to designers showing this season for intel on the top 10 colors we'll be seeing in their collections.
The highlighted shades are apparently inspired by art (talents like Matisse, Picasso, Frank Stella, Esther Stewart, and Sam Falls, specifically), a "desire to disconnect from technology and unwind," and, quizzically, Cuba "and other destinations south of the border," according to the report.
Interestingly, this season's shades are genderless. "There are truly no perceivable distinctions in color choices between the men’s and women’s collections," according to the report, as both the men's and women's collections that Pantone looked at channel the same themes of relaxation, reflection, and playfulness. The 10 hues highlighted are "a unisex palette," according to Pantone. Gendered colors: So 2015.
Check out the Pantone pigments you'll be seeing in your Instagram feeds starting right this minute.

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