10 Movie Dance Scenes That Made You Want To Be A Dancer

Film can often inspire our dreams and aspirations to bubble to the surface. After catching the second half of Rocky, who hasn't wondered, Should I run more? Or, watching Cinderella: I've been going about this dating thing all wrong. Dance movies can bring out the would-be ballerina in all of us. The kid who could have grown up into the best dancer in the club, if only they hadn't dropped hip-hop class to play the flute.

However, it's not the whole arc of a dance flick (which generally features some truly unfortunate images of just how badly a pro dancer needs a pedicure) that inspires sudden dance ambition. A single scene is often all it takes to have you signing up for adult tap at the Y. Whether it was the story of a would-be dancer learning the moves, or a movie's opening glimpse at a seasoned pro, these are the scenes that are hard to get through sitting down. They're really meant to be watched as you attempt a leap across the stage room. Just watch out for furniture and pulled muscles.

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The Double-Tap Heard 'Round The World, Save the Last Dance (2001)
Forget that final dance scene. Okay, sure, they did something cool with a chair. But this dance, with the double-tap spin, is what kept you up at night, cursing the day you gave up dance class for soccer. No one's going to want to see you head-butt a ball at the club.
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The Subject Of Your Romantic Fantasies, From Age 12 To Forever, Dirty Dancing (1987)
It's been pointed out that "nobody puts baby in the corner" doesn't make any sense. But that really, truly doesn't matter. Patrick Swayze could say E = MC², and girls everywhere would have still swooned and worked on their skirt-twirling abilities.
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That Time Dancing Defeated Racism, Hairspray (2007)
The movie that made you think maybe you actually could be a dancer. If Zac Efron can make it look good even after this modern dance debacle, there's hope for all of us.
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Even If The Punch Had Been Spiked, Your Prom Would Not Have Been This Fun, Footloose (1984 & 2011)
Because deep down, everyone wants their moment in the middle of the circle. There's just more glitter there.
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To Inspire That Look, Fame (1980)
If you practice, practice, practice, maybe someone will dreamily watch your arabesque, too.
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When All The Yards Got Stomped, Stomp the Yard (2007)
Beyond all the stomping, there's the camaraderie. And being the recipient of the perfect we've-got-this look.
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Seriously, The Best Comeback, Billy Elliot (2000)
Obviously, the best way to get your parents to come around to your way of thinking is a one-sided dance battle. If only you had the moves, maybe you would have gotten your licence that much earlier.
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How To Freak Out Your Parents, With Style, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)
The kind of dirty dancing that has just enough history and cultural significance that you might not be kicked out of homecoming for it.
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Just The Cha-Cha Part, Though, Grease (1978)
Also the scene that convinced you '50s fashion should totally make a comeback.
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And All The Toe Blisters Were Worth It, Center Stage (2000)
Dancers are rule-breakers. Dancing will give you the opportunity to act out your ultimate romantic fantasies to a great soundtrack. Dancing is awesome.

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