9 Movie Dance Scenes That Made You Want To Be A Dancer

Film can often inspire our dreams and aspirations to bubble to the surface. After catching the second half of Rocky, who hasn't thought, "Wow, I should really hit the gym." Or, watching Cinderella felt, "I have been going about this dating thing all wrong." Dance movies can bring out the would-be ballerina in all of us. The kid who could have grown up into the best dancer in the club, if only they hadn't dropped hip-hop class to play the flute.
However, it's not the whole arc of a dance flick (which generally features some truly unfortunate images of just how badly a pro dancer needs a pedicure) that inspires sudden dance ambition. A single scene is often all it takes to have you signing up for adult tap classes. Whether it was the story of a would-be dancer learning the moves, or a movie's opening glimpse at a seasoned pro, these are the scenes that are hard to get through sitting down. They're really meant to be watched as you attempt a leap across the stage room. Just watch out for furniture and pulled muscles.

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