This Ballet Video For Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” Is Just Beautiful

Get ready to go to the church of dance.  Photographer David LaChapelle has put his unique spin on Hozier's Grammy nominated song and enlisted "ballet's bad boy" Sergei Polunin to literally spin around for it. The result is nothing short of stunning. Polunin and all his tattooed glory defies gravity here. He's got moves up his (proverbial) sleeve that are inhuman. Seriously, who — besides professional dancers — can launch themselves across a room with just one arm? It's a perfect conceptual complement to Hozier's powerful original video that dealt with Russia's anti-LGBT laws. Plus, with LaChapelle's direction, the message of the dance comes across wonderfully. Amen, Hozier. Amen, LaChapelle. Amen, Polunin. More Dance Coverage This Way:
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