How Many Men Did The Golden Girls Sleep With, Exactly?

Take four single women, throw them into a sexy city known for its wild nights, and watch the bedpost get whittled down to a toothpick. Think we're talking about Sex and the City? Think again. We're talking about The Golden Girls.
How do we put this delicately? Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia make a major dent in the Miami dating scene. When they aren't tearing into a cheesecake or playing gin rummy on the lanai, these sultry seniors are out on the town, dating everyone from a clown to a Beatles impersonator to (typical Blanche) multiple sets of twins. Sometimes these escapades end in proposals, soon to be forgotten by the next episode. More often, though, they mostly serve as fodder for Blanche's amorous anecdotes and Dorothy's tales of desperation.
So, just how much action do The Golden Girls see? We tallied up every date and wistful mention of an old flame from all seven seasons. Read on to see the stats, then feel a bit gloomy about your own love life.

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