What’s Better: A New Baby Photo Shoot Or This New Puppy Photo Shoot?

There are many ways a couple can get well-meaning friends and family to stop asking when they plan on having a baby. The couple can politely ask them to stop, they can send mass emails with links to essays on elective childlessness, or, they can have a professional "new baby" style photo shoot, featuring their beloved puppy.
Australian photographer Elisha Minnette came up with the idea for the shoot featuring her friends Abby and Matt, as they returned from picking up Abby's new pup, Humphrey. Abby and Matt have been together for two years, and Abby told us about being asked when they're going to start a family. "Both our families do drop little hints. Often in a comedic way, but at the end of the day, they are happy that we are happy," she says.

While the photos are adorable, even sans newborn, Minnette wants to be clear the shoot was not meant to attack couples who have a shoot with a more traditional bundle of joy. "I have to comment saying that I am not making a joke of new parents doing newborn shoots, I actually make a living off of photographing real newborns," Minnette told us, "This shoot was just for a bit of afternoon fun outdoors being creative, instead of being inside watching television."
At the end of the day, a family of three, including their adorable puppy, is what's working for the photogenic couple right now. As Abby explained, "We have goals we would like to achieve before having children, and we couldn't be more happy with Humphrey."

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