Next-Level Face Jewelry That’ll Make You Cringe — With Joy

You may have just gotten used to seeing septum rings worn with as casual an affect as a wristwatch, but just as your benchmark of what's considered normal in the world of face jewelry has shifted, you should prepare yourself to get uncomfortable all over again. The unconventional creations of London-based jewelry designer Akiko Shinzato can alter your face without any actual piercing or surgery in a collection of pieces that are delightful in their strangeness.
Shinzato's collection, titled "Another Skin," drastically alters the wearer's look (to say the least), using anything from leather panels that completely conceal the mouth, to trippy, bejeweled pieces that hit right in front of the eyes or on the tip of the nose. And it's all a commentary on our society's obsession with self, identity, and physical appearance.
Self-alteration is no longer just limited to piercings, exercise, makeup, or even plastic surgery — now, with Shinzato's ornamentation, one can manipulate their entire image with just one piece of "jewelry." Remember Givenchy's face bling? Think along those lines, but a good bit more minimal and often more literal, too. Whether the fashion industry is drawing inspiration from Indian wedding jewelry or just trying to think more outside the box (see: Rodarte's eyebrow rings), what we typically think of as jewelry is being taken to the next level.
Sure, these designs aren't meant to be worn every day (unless being able to see things or speak isn't necessary to your daily existence, in which case — knock yourself out!), but we relish the opportunity to see them in every single fashion magazine in the upcoming months. Click through to see all the pieces, and form your own conclusions as to whether this next-level face jewelry could ever hit the mainstream.
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