You've Never Seen MAC Lipsticks Like These

Designer Giambattista Valli knows how to dress a woman. That's why so many leading ladies of Hollywood look to him for life's most important events. (Remember the floral-strewn mini Amal Clooney wore the weekend of her nuptials? Or Rihanna's cotton-candy gown at the Grammys?) So it should come as no surprise that when he rolled out a collaboration with makeup giant MAC, he would knock it right out of the park. And did he ever.

The collection of five lipsticks, hitting stores July 9, is a siren call to both lipstick addicts and those who tend to play it safe with pinky-nudes. The matte hues range from cool pink to deep, dark cherry, and are the perfect foundation for any lip wardrobe. But then Valli took it one step further by releasing a clear, high-shine gloss that turns the five lipsticks into 10. And he matched the outer packaging to the bullets inside, so busy women could easily find it in their bags.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Valli in his New York City showroom to discuss the collection. Surrounded by his couture dresses, he shared his thoughts on designing for women, the future of his brand, and what beauty means to him.

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