The Best FREE Things To Do This Summer In NYC

Allow us to introduce you to New York's seasonal economics. This discipline's theorems dictate that, come summertime, you should be having more fun by spending less money. Warmer weather lends itself to an increased number of spots — namely, public spaces — to hang out in. More places to chill means less exclusivity. Goodbye, impossible-to-enter basement clubs. Sayonara, swanky fitness packages. Instead, June, July, and August are jam-packed with world-class cultural events that are — most importantly — FREE.
As students of thriftiness, we’ve pored over the thousands of no-charge offerings coming up to select those definitely worth partaking in. Some of these are one-time happenings and some are recurring, so pay close attention to dates. (You might get to double dip.) Let’s raise our rosé to free time — and free fun.