This New App Encourages Drunk Shopping

Photo: Courtesy of Drrrunk Shopping.
If you've ever found yourself sitting at your computer after a big night out, one too many vodka sodas deep, and ready to click "buy" on that (probably ridiculous) item you think you absolutely need , you're definitely not alone. Along with raiding the pantry for chips and maybe sending out a few regrettable text messages, the urge to drunk shop is not uncommon for anyone with a credit card, an Internet connection, and an impaired judgement. Now, thanks to the brand new app Drunk Shopping, those impulse purchases are about to become even easier. Here's how it works: Just text “heyyyyyy” (the extra "y"s mean business, of course) to the number 551-333-7865. Then, come Saturday night at 2 a.m., you'll receive a text with a photo and link of a thing you can buy. Featuring everything from throwing knives, to a portable waterslide, to a cooler that's also a 3-D printer, they're silly and 100% non-functional — but, then again, that's much safer than actual sharp objects or $2,000 fringed boots you'll never wear. Although the people behind Drunk Shopping say they're glad to be enablers for tipsy shoppers by using language like "Get your plastic out!!!! PUT THIS GIANT PIANO MAT IN UR CRIB," they don't receive a cut of the profits. Like your favorite Saturday sidekicks, "We're in it for the love of the game," the website states. The app is the brainchild of former Buzzfeed advertising employee Chris Baker, who's already created other prank sites like (which replaces all baby Facebook pictures with cats). As Baker told BuzzFeed, "Though most of the time we’re sure people won’t be completely hammered, they’ll still have a great experience just seeing what products we choose and how we write about them.” Just in time for the holiday weekend, download Drunk Shopping at your own risk here.

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