Jaden Smith Finally Found An Occasion To Repeat That Batman Outfit

what a night 🌟💫✨

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Plenty of kids go through a costume phase and refuse to wear anything but their firefighter, princess, or superhero outfits even when it’s not Halloween. But, 16-year-old Jaden Smith has taken the dress-up fascination a bit further. First, he wore a memorable white, caped Batman suit to the Kardashian/West nuptials and now, as Gawker reports, he brought the look back out for prom. 

The teen was seen posing for Instagram pictures with his date Mecca Kalani in his black-tie crime-fighting gear once again this past weekend. He fully committed to the costume again, with a padded bodysuit, gloves, and massive cape which he covered with a blazer for, you know, the formal pictures for the parents. 

Of course, Smith has been quite vocal — if not always comprehensible — about taking sartorial inspiration from comic book characters. And, considering the teeny smidgen of creativity used on most prom-date looks (a color-coordinated corsage, maybe), we hope the mean girls at Smith's school give him his due. Hey, at least he didn't just rent the same tux as everyone else. (Gawker)

#jadensmith definitely has his own style.... #prom

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