Emily Blunt, Our New Hero, Appalled By Cannes’ No-Flats Policy

Samuel de Roman/Rex/REX USA
Cannes, of course, isn’t just a film festival: It’s a celebration of glamour and Hollywood glitz, with a particular emphasis on red carpet fashion for men and women alike. We might even venture to say that the public knows more about who wore what than they do about which films took home awards — and we’re absolutely certain that one sartorial issue from this year will be remembered for many Cannes to come. On Sunday evening, a handful of women in their 50s were denied entry to a screening of Todd Hayne’s film, Carol, because they weren’t wearing the requisite footwear. Instead of towering heels, these women — some of whom had medical conditions — were sporting dressy flats. Cannes hasn’t formally issued a statement on the subject, but Emily Blunt addressed the faux pas in a press conference Tuesday morning. While standing next to Denis Villeneuve, director of her film Sicario, the actress noted that her character was originally supposed to be played by a man and added that she’s often surrounded by mostly men at work. “It’s something I’ve become quite used to. It happens a lot on films. There aren’t a ton of chicks around.” When the no-flats policy was brought to her attention by a reporter, Blunt released a retort on behalf of pinched toes everywhere. “I think everyone should wear flats, to be honest,” she said. “We shouldn’t wear high heels anymore.” The actress and new mom added that she prefers to wear Converse sneakers, and that the heel requirement at Cannes was “very disappointing.” We couldn’t agree more. 

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