The Products Kylie Jenner Uses To Get Gorgeous

Over the last year or so, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner (or as we like to call her, KyJen) has proved to be quite the beauty star. It seems like just yesterday, she was a barefaced youngster on KUwtK, but nowadays, Ky is a bona fide makeup muse who inspires trends all over the world — from bright-blue hair to bold lashes to lush lips. Some are a little scary (read: #KylieJennerChallenge), while others have even influenced stars like Hilary Duff to get experimental with vibrant hair hues. 
While she did just finally cop to getting her lips plumped up, even the #haters have to admit the youngest Jenner’s maquillage is perennially on-point — fillers or not. We’ve always been curious about what products she goes for when getting glammed up (don't pretend like you're not), so we did a little digging to uncover what she swears by, as well as what her makeup artists like to use on her.
So, if you’re interested in achieving a look akin to Kylie’s — or you’re just nosy like us (zero shame) — click through to find the products used to get her gorge. 

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