This Hilarious Selfie Is Going Viral

Kim Kardashian is about to lose her title as Supreme Ruler Of All Things Selfie. She’s officially been supplanted — by a dude with a perfectly positioned pup. We’re not totally sure how he pulled it off. At first glance it definitely seems like this human man has a serious case of dog face. (That should probably be a new meme immediately, right? Someone make that happen, please.) As it turns out, though, what we’re actually seeing is a Chihuahua perched on his lap in a depth perception-defying pose, framed by what looks to be a very normcore haircut.

Give this dude a selfie award. Are there selfie awards? THE SELFIES. Someone get on that.

A photo posted by thefatjewish (@thefatjewish) on

Leave it to @thefatjewish to introduce us to a new Internet sensation that will probably become more of an obsession once more #dogface pics start rolling in. By all means, start using the hashtag and making your own so we can check them out.  Also, this post brings up a very good point about a complete and total absence of Selfie Awards, which should obviously be a thing by now. Some thoughts: The biggest award should be called Best Picture, à la the Academy; runners-up should receive an instructive copy of Selfish; and trophies should take the form of golden selfie sticks.  Unlike other red carpet events, this one should allow celebs to duck-face into their own iPhones. Maybe the ceremony is called “I Selfie, Therefore I Am”? We’re open to other suggestions. Whatever has to happen to get the selfie awards off the ground. 

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