Well, We Know Who Won’t Be At The Met Ball Tonight

Very few people in the fashion industry would attempt to host an important event on the same night as the Met Ball. But, Karl Lagerfeld is one of the few (perhaps only) who could pull off such a feat. This is not the first time the Kaiser has held a fashion show that conflicted with another major industry event — see the Victoria’s Secret’s Fashion Show from earlier this year — but it seems he has little to worry about when it comes to attendance. The proof is in the turn out for the Chanel 2016 cruise runway show, which took place Monday in Seoul, South Korea. In a candy-colored, polka-dotted venue that reminded us of the largest Twister board in existence, the newest designs for the fashion house took their first walk. In celebration of the city that inspired the collection, the show welcomed some of the most prominent Korean pop stars, influencers, and models. And, thanks to our deduction skills, it also gave us a couple hints about what we can expect not to happen at tonight’s Met Ball and who we won't find on its super-confidential guest list. Below, check out 10 of the most memorable moments from today's other major fashion event.

오방색 물방울 무늬가 둥둥 뜬 DDP로 여러분을 초대합니다! ????❤️ #ParisSeoulChanel

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Left hand on green! Right foot red! We’re kidding, of course — the models opted to walk, not crab crawl, along the multi-colored, dotted line.
Tilda Swinton, our forever muse, attended in a classic Chanel suit. But, unless this superwoman literally has the power to fly, she probably won’t make it to the Met Ball tonight. 

✌️ ? #chanelcruiseinseoul backstage

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The colors of the cruise collection were even brighter than the set. The models were each equipped with faux braided buns, adding to an overall playful aesthetic.

Backstage at the show #ChanelCruiseSeoul

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Naturally, Hudson Kroenig was in attendance for Uncle Karl’s big Seoul presentation. And, it's safe to say the glamour of the fashion industry has not worn off for this young, yet seasoned, model.

Finale Video #parisseoul #chanelcruiseseoul #cruise16 #chanelparisseoul

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In fact, Hudson closed the show with Karl, alongside South Korean model Soo Joo Park, who had the honor of opening the show, as well.
K-Pop was not just in the house, they were decked out in Chanel brooches. G-Dragon and Taeyang of Big Bang proved that your great grandmother’s favorite piece of flair has plenty of styling potential today.


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And, G-Dragon was Instagramming from the show, too. This is what the invitation looked like, in case yours was lost in the mail.
It’s official: Gisele chose Chanel over the Met Gala. Hey, it’s a tough call.
The same goes for Kristen Stewart, who looked elegant in a black, woven Chanel dress. However, that didn’t stop her from taking playful stank-face selfies with her hairstylist.
As for the after party, there was dancing and lots of it. Binx Walton, Natalie Westling, and Molly Bair put thier long limbs to use, but this time it wasn't for modeling.

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