Get Ready To Fall In Love With “Concerned Kitten” Gary

You know that face you make when someone's about to take your picture, but you're not sure what your hair looks like? Or the one where someone just told you the latest stats on global warming? Sorry, but you probably don't look quite as cute as Gary with your eyebrows all raised like that. And Gary, a.k.a. Concerned Kitten, always looks this way.
The 8-week-old kitten from Bolton, England, is gaining momentum as the next big thing in cat pics, according to the Daily Mail and his own local paper, The Bolton News. We're not quite ready to give Grumpy Cat's plush throne to him yet, but there's plenty of room for him in our hearts.

Owners Andy and Caroline Entwistle named the kitten (one of a litter of four from their Dalmatian cat Luna) after Gary Barlow, of the U.K. boy band Take That. "His eyebrows move all over the place when he's singing so Andy decided it was the perfect name for our kitten," Caroline told the Bolton News. Here's one more super-British lesson for you today: the term for non-purebred cats is "moggy."
We just hope little Gary isn't wearing that expression because he's worried about how many Instagram followers he's got. Enjoy chasing dust and wrestling your sister, young one. Fame is but a fleeting pleasure! Tuna is forever.      

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