UPDATE: Homeless Millennial No Longer Survives By One-Night Stands

UPDATE: Last time we saw Joe Slaney, he was crashing on a Park Avenue sidewalk, getting hammered, and picking up different women each night.
In a new video for Elite Daily, "Homeless Joe: Road To Recovery," the site catches up with the no-longer-homeless 20-something, who was filmed living in a sober home in Ingram, Texas. "The guy in the video was a douchebag," Slaney reflects, admitting that at that moment in his life, his primary concern had been "trying to drink as much vodka as possible, shoot up as much heroin as possible, and get as many blow jobs as humanly possible."
He says his priorities have shifted since he became clean; he now focuses on rebuilding a relationship with his family, maintaining his job at a local car wash, and cultivating his romance with his new girlfriend, Jessica. "I want people to see that if someone like myself is able to get clean, they can get clean, too," he says.
Unfortunately, despite surviving 18 overdoses and seemingly turning his life around, the end of the video takes a sad turn. "A week after filming, Joe relapsed and found himself on the streets again," it concludes. "He is now back home in Boston, reconnected with his family, and continuing the road to recovery."
This story was originally published on September 15, 2014.
A 26-year-old homeless New Yorker who goes by "Joe" spends a few nights per week sleeping on the sidewalk. The other nights? He's getting laid.
In a post entitled "Meet The Homeless Man Who Survives By Going Home With Women And Looking Good," Elite Daily documents a panhandling lothario unlike any the NYC streets have seen before. A Boston native, Joe first became homeless when his mom found his drug stash and kicked him out of the house. Now, he passes his time drinking and doing drugs, panhandling (he reportedly makes nearly $150 per day), hitting on women, and going home with them.
"I see opportunities, and I capitalize on them," Joe explains in the video. He claims to pick up women three to four times a week. When he's successful, he spends days at a time in women's apartments — showering, doing laundry, and "keeping up appearances" (something Joe says is key to his survival).
Yet despite Joe's creepy, manipulative actions, he isn't entirely without awareness. When asked what he would tell the youth of America, he responds: "Never become like me. Ever." (Elite Daily)

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