This Student Was Banned From Prom For The Most Ridiculous Reason

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
Earlier this week, Michigan high school student Mireya Briceno was sent home from her prom due to the "inappropriate" dress shown here. The student's mother, Connie Briceno, told local news reporters that her daughter was at her Muskegon High School prom for an hour when a staff member told her to leave because her dress "violated dress code," the Daily Mail reports. The problem, apparently, was that Briceno's vintage-style, full-length gown was backless. As Mireya said on her Facebook page:  "Last night I got kicked out of my own senior prom because my dress was too 'revealing' on my sides? When I know I saw so much worse," she wrote, referring to other students at the dance. School staff did not notice that the dress was backless at first, because Mireya entered the dance wearing her boyfriend's jacket — a move the school claimed was purposefully deceptive. Or, you know, Mireya could have just been cold.
Photo: Courtesy of Facebook.
According to a copy of the prom dress code posted to Twitter, Mireya had no reason to cover up her dress — while so-called "mid-drifts" were banned, backless dresses are specifically listed as "acceptable."  Of course, the bigger issue is that schools are continuing to police young women's bodies and fashion choices, and, it would seem, not bothering to be consistent in the application of their own rules. Currently, Mireya's mother is demanding an explanation from the school, while Mireya seems to have made a kind of exasperated peace. Writing on her Facebook page about her boyfriend, she said: "[It's] okay. I'm sorry Dereko we didn't get to dance nor take a picture, but we sure had people talking. My senior year of prom was ruined, but I still have his in two weeks. I felt pretty, I had my amazing boyfriend on my side and that's all that matters." More style scoop:
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