Serial‘s Big Mystery Finally Revealed

Photo: Courtesy of This American Life.
After months of speculation and in-depth research we finally have an answer to Serial's biggest question: Who is the voice of "Mail Kimp?" Listeners of the cult podcast have long speculated as to the age, gender, and reading comprehension of the person to can't pronounce "Mail Chimp." Thanks to NPR reporter Linda Holmes, we're finally getting some damn answers.  "Julie Snyder reveals that the 'Mail Kimp' voice was a 14-year-old from Norway waiting on line with her parents for an iPhone 6," Holmes tweeted last night. Aha! So, that explains the pubescent voice, the perplexed tone, and, above all, the inexplicable stumbling over the "ch" sound. She's not a native speaker!   We don't blame you, Mail Kimp Girl. Frankly, if you asked an American kid (or an American adult) to start speaking Norwegian out of the blue, they probably wouldn't get past the first syllable. Kudos to you for nailing the "mail" part and becoming a viral sensation. And, next time a stranger walks up to you at the Apple store — run. [Vulture]

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