Bet You Didn't Think Models Could Look This Awkward Dancing

If you've ever encountered a fashion model in the wild, you know instantly why they're the ones who get paid to be in front of the cameras. But, for the most part, their particular brand of allure isn't the same kind that gets you hit on in bars. But, as fellow awkward girls, we give that particular genre of models two thumbs up (and a few little kicks).

In Vogue's new interactive fashion editorial "What's Your Denim Personality?" models Gigi Hadid, Binx Walton, Amanda Murphy, Fernanda Ly, Lexi Boling, and Emily Ratajkowski — whose fame is partially due to some dancing (that's awkward for another reason) — shimmy together in the season’s newest denim trends. There are high-waters and high-rises, to be sure, but paired with the jean styles are awesome moves like Hadoken surge fists and air guitars. The short is choreographed by silly-dance maestro Ryan Heffington, who's also responsible for all the insane Maddie Ziegler moves for Sia's music videos.

So, if you find yourself eyeing an empty dance floor at 9 p.m. and some song you can kind of groove to comes on, let these models be your inspiration.  

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