Men Are Painting Their Nails In Support Of Bruce Jenner

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After his brave and emotional interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday, in which he let the world know he is transitioning to living as a woman, fans across the world are showing their support for Bruce Jenner — in hashtag form. A radio show in Australia started #PaintYourNailsForBruce, according to Business Insider, with the goal of getting people across the world to get their manis on and rally behind Jenner. In the interview, Jenner said that one of the things he was looking forward to about his transition was being able to wear nail polish "long enough for it to chip off." Painting your nails is, unfortunately, still generally considered to be a very female act (which is why Jenner didn't keep it on for long periods of time), so getting men and women alike to do it could be an impactful way to help remove that stigma.  The hashtag isn't without its critics: Plenty of people tweeted to call out the radio show, saying the whole idea is tacky. "You could do something helpful and donate/support trans charities, but sure, whack out the nail polish," one user pointed out. We get where the naysayers are coming from. But, we also think anything to help raise awareness for trans individuals is a positive thing.  What do you think? Is this just another fruitless attempt at hashtag activism, or is it a trend worth spreading? Let us know in the comments.  Ed note: In the interview, Bruce Jenner told Diane Sawyer he identifies as a woman and wants to continue using male pronouns. It's our policy to call everyone by the pronouns they prefer, and so until Bruce tells us differently, we'll use "he" and "his" in our coverage.

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