This Taiwanese Dog Haircut Trend Is Totally Square

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There's a new trend going around the puppy parlors of Taiwan. Dogs are emerging from the groomer with super shapely cuts: specifically, circular or square. While their little fluffy faces are geometrically pleasing, according to us, these canines would be cute no matter what their fur looked like.  We can't help but wonder what the upkeep effort for this kind of 'do is like. There's probably some daily work involved, like a brusque morning brush. Potentially puppy-friendly hairspray, maybe? Also, it seems like hair-raising humidity would be on the side of these cuts. This look is clearly not for the limp of fur. Furthermore, these styles are proof that an adorable pup can pretty much pull off anything, which makes us a little jealous. With the exception of awesome Afros, shape-specific locks on humans don't ever really seem to fly. Case in point? The moment when you're desperately in need of a trim and sporting dreaded triangle hair. Canines might be able to pull that off, but it's not something a human woman ever strives for. Unless you're Cher, in which case, keep on keeping on. (BuzzFeed)

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