This Surprise Pizza Party On The Subway Is The Best Thing Ever

Just when we thought we'd seen everything on the subway, New York comedy troupe Improv Everywhere (the mad geniuses behind the annual "No Pants Subway Ride") decided to throw a surprise pizza party on the E train. The result? A car full of lucky New Yorkers were hand-delivered slices from New York Pizza Suprema as their reward for not being jerks on the train. For his entrance, comedian Ryan Karels spoofed the MTA's "Courtesy Counts" campaign (which is responsible for those somewhat funny "Dude, Stop The Spread" signs). "This subway car has been recognized officially as the MOST courteous subway car in the entire New York City subway system," he announced, New York accent included. And then came the glorious pies.  We have just one question: Would you really take pizza from a stranger on the train? Watch some happy commuters who thought it was a perfectly good idea in the clip above.