Something Really Good Is Coming To Your Newspaper Tomorrow

Photographed by JUCO.
Like most people in our millennially minded cohort, we prefer grabbing our news online and on the go. But, tomorrow’s an occasion to get your hands on printed paper, especially if you’ve got weddings on the mind — yours or anyone else’s. Found within the pages of the New York Post’s Alexa supplement is the R29 guide to New York Weddings, appropriately called “At The ALTar.”

When we get to obsessing about weddings, we do it a bit differently. For us, it’s not just layers of tulle, a train that reaches the bride's emergency exit, or a bridal party so color-coordinated its members sort of fuse into one in photos. As far as we're concerned, of all the glamorous affairs that take place within the Big Apple, the ultimate wedding destination will forever be City Hall. (We can back that up, too.) And, we’re just warming up. Our 12-page guide covers everything from what to wear to every RSVP on your calendar, to how to politely turn down being a bridesmaid, and, for those about to tie the knot, gorgeous big-day outfit inspiration that leaves convention behind (you know, with your active Tinder profile). 

Pick up the New York Post tomorrow, April 15, for a larger-than-life (or at least, larger-than-your-laptop screen) look at all things badass and beautiful about New York weddings.

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