Nick Jonas Is Delivering Drinks & Songs In Los Angeles

not any old, run-of-the-mill delivery-person at your door, my friends. Oh no, it's much better (and cuter) than that. For a few lucky people in Los Angeles on Friday night who used the app
Saucey to have liquor, beer and wine (hold up a second, we need to download this app), when the doorbell rang, it was none other than boy-bander-all-grown-up,
Nick Jonas

Jonas, who is a proud investor in the relatively new app, personally delivered
alcohol to 10 fortuitous users in a rather delightful bit of guerilla marketing,
even serenading some with his hit song, “Jealous.” 

Jonas, who is hosting the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards tonight, had hinted at something fun in store for Saucey users in a tweet Friday evening, but a private concert was probably beyond anyone’s expectations. 

"It was like a very weird and vivid dream
that I've had since I was 14 coming true," surprised partygoer Shannon McNulty
told E News. To which we say: No kidding, Shannon! Our adolescent selves are (very) jealous we weren’t in attendance. Cheers, Nick Jonas! 

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