Instagram’s Newest App Will Change The Way You Post

Instagram is all about creatively capturing and sharing moments from your life. But, despite tons of filters and other visual features, sometimes that's tough to do with just one photo per post. Until now, if you wanted to create an image with a mirror effect or post a bunch of photos as a collage, you needed to turn to a third party app — Pic Stitch, anyone? Not anymore: Instagram is adding a major new app called Layout, which lets you edit multiple photos into a single image.
Layout is currently an iOS-only tool that lets you arrange up to nine images into one post on your Instagram feed, either as a tidy geometric grid, or overlaid or mirrored for a semi-psychedelic effect.
Here's how it works: After opening the Layout app, you can select the photos from your camera roll that you want to combine (you can even choose to filter those images based on ones that only include faces). The app then automatically serves up different possible layouts based on the number of photos you choose. From there, you can tap an individual photo to swap it out with another, drag photos around in a different order, adjust photo sizing, flip images, or mirror them. 
Sure, apps like DipticPic Stitch, and Pic Frame already let you perform some degree of this sort of photo editing But, having this app built from Instagram now will save a lot of time when you're trying to post quickly. The drag-and-drop interface for rearranging photos in Layout seems a lot easier to use than the navigation in some of these other options. 
On top of this, Instagram also added a feature called Photo Booth that lets you snap a series of photos in-app that are then arranged in a layout afterwards.
Layout begins rolling out to Instagram-loving iOS users as a free app today, and an Android version will arrive in the next few months. Ahead, check out just how incredible your Instagram feed will now be.

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