New York’s LGBT Groups Deserve So Much Better Than This

Photo: Boston Globe/Getty Images.
You might not have realized it, but New York City history is being made tomorrow morning. For the first time ever, an LGBT group will be among the thousands of marchers in the country's oldest and largest St. Patrick's Day 2015. What's that? You're shocked that the same city at the forefront of the national gay-rights movement could be so tone deaf when it comes to including everyone in its St. Patrick's Day festivities (not to mention, it's also behind both Boston and Washington D.C. in making a change)? Well, you're not alone. Mayor Bill de Blasio feels the same way, which is why he plans on boycotting the parade for the second year running — making him the first NYC mayor in 20 years to opt out.

"I’m not ready to commit to marching, because all we’ve heard is that
one delegation related to NBC will be allowed to have members of the
LGBT community in it," de Blasio has explained. "A lot of people feel, I think rightfully, that that is too small a
change to merit a lot of us participating who have wanted to see an
inclusive parade."

We have to agree with the mayor here; not only is it ridiculous that only one group will be allowed to march, the fact that parade organizers would choose a group from NBC Universal, one of its corporate sponsors, is interesting, to say the least. What's more, NBC4 will also be broadcasting the event. Is it a good thing that steps are being taken to give the LGBT community representation at the parade? Of course. But, they're baby steps, and they're simply not enough. One group? Seriously? Frankly, we expect a lot more from you, New York.