The Designer Guarachero Boot: It Was Only A Matter Of Time

Sometime in 2012, one of your more outré friends probably shared this Vice video about the longest, pointiest cowboy boots known to man, and the “tribal guarachero” music culture they're closely associated with. Called guarachero boots, they're said to originate in Matehuala, Mexico and have since spread to other parts of the country and southern states with a large Mexican diaspora, like Texas and Oklahoma. Like the zoot suits of the '40s or '90s hip-hop gear, guarachero boots achieve badassery through sheer audacity of proportion: In this case, via extreme pointed toes that can reach several feet long. The young men shown in Vice's video customized theirs by modding out existing cowboy boots with length of plastic hose covered with leather — one-upping each other until their boots' toes damn near reached their noses. But, for anyone who's not quite as handy with the amateur cobbling, there's the ones shown here: Meet the designer guarachero. 
Made by Comme des Garçons, these boots feature side gussets, easy-pull-on tabs, and a 21-inch toe (does it even matter what size you buy?). They differ from traditional guaracheros in that they're based on a Chelsea, rather than a cowboy boot. Sure, the $515 asking price seems a bit steep for a style that's traditionally made on the cheap, but who are we to say some Erick Rincòn-loving lad with scratch to spend wouldn't love these? Of course, even in 2012, some said that the mega-pointy boots were already out of style, with the real heads having moved onto "square, 'pig-nosed' boots." But, hey, that's what CDG gets for being so late to this particular party.

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