Tom Hanks Loses Credit Card (& Finds His Faith In Humanity)

Prepare yourself for some major warm fuzzies. Yesterday, living national treasure Tom Hanks endured that panic-attack-inducing moment that all New Yorkers have experienced at least once in our lives: He realized he had dropped his credit card. But, here's where the story takes a surprising turn — he got his credit card back!
Of course, only Tom Hanks — a.k.a. the nicest guy in Hollywood — could be so lucky. Most of us would have spent the next few hours on the phone talking to customer service robots and freaking out that someone was taking our card on a crazy spending spree. The only thing that would make this story better is a cameo by Wilson. We hope he gave Tony a handsome reward, like maybe a box of those Girl Scout cookies he was tweeting about yesterday. And, we'd like him to know that after saying something so sweet about our fair city, we officially forgive him for manspreading on the train.