Tom Hanks & Wilson Unexpectedly Reunited In Extremely Moving Video

Are you aware that Cast Away is on Netflix right now? It is, and that's a good thing, because when you watch this video you're about to have an undesirable urge to re-watch it. At a New York Rangers game recently, Tom Hanks and his longtime best friend/beach volleyball buddy, Wilson, were reunited in an unexpected, highly emotional moment caught on camera. The crowds went wild. Hanks somehow managed not to break down weeping; he is a very strong man. Though he's not the type of celeb to steal the spotlight, Mr. Hanks is increasingly awesome every time he makes an appearance. Remember when he was on 30 Rock? This is as good as that — possibly better. Check it out: 
Also, asking for a friend: Do you guys know if there's any good Chuck/Wilson fanfic out there? While looking for a photo for this article, I uncovered this image, and let's just say it sparked some deep emotions. 

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