5 Destinations Anthony Bourdain Thinks We Should All Visit

If watching Parts Unknown is any indication, Anthony Bourdain lives the life we want. And, his most recent travel adventure has taken him somewhere surprising (well, for Bourdain): Rather than exploring far-flung locales like Shanghai, Vietnam, or Libya, Bourdain has been traveling around the U.S. for his partnership with the Balvenie single malt whiskey, looking for America’s best artisans (mastersmiths, blacksmiths, ceramic artists, etc.) to crown at American Craft Council’s Rare Craft Fellowship Awards. 
How does one find the next big thing? "It wasn’t a scientific process," Bourdain says. "It's an entirely emotional one, just like the way you react to a meal. 'I like this, it makes me happy, it makes me think that the world is a good and happy place.'" 
Speaking of happy places, we had to ask Bourdain to share with us five spots he thinks are life-changing trips worth saving for. To make any vacation an experience to remember, he says you have to "put yourself in a position to allow magical things to happen. You can’t muscle it. Be clueless and open to the world." We couldn't agree more. Read on for his top picks.