J.K. Rowling Silences The Madonna Haters With 1 Amazing Tweet

J.K. Rowling doesn't just write about magic, she is magic. From her inspiring letters to fans to putting Rupert Murdoch on blast, the Harry Potter author pretty much leaves us in constant awe. While Rowling wasn't able to wave a magic wand and go back in time to stop Madonna's much-publicized fall at the Brit Awards, she did come to the singer's defense on Twitter.  Rowling called out haters for reveling in Madonna's fluke tumble in an extremely poignant tweet:
Madonna, despite a heroic recovery during the performance itself, was left with a painful case of whiplash following the fall. She revealed in an interview that the trip was a result of her cape being tied too tight. She was forced to take the crash in order to avoid being strangled onstage.  Following an onslaught of negative comments and headlines about the incident, Madonna was able to revel in the Rowling's positive note. She shared the supportive message with her own followers and released a statement of thanks on Instagram.
We love when celebrity worlds collide!

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