Madonna Is Unstoppable & Barely Fazed By Brit Awards Fall

We knew Madonna was tough, but damn. The pop goddess fell backwards down the stairs during a live performance at the U.K.'s Brit Awards, and it looks like the sort of thing that would have knocked the wind out of any mere mortal. Not Madonna! After a few beats, Madge grabbed her mic, got to her feet, and finished performing "Living for Love," off of Rebel Heart.

It looks like one of her sexy Minotaur dancers was supposed to remove Madonna's fancy bullfighter cape with a flourish, but when he gave it a tug, Madonna came tumbling down with it. Of course, Madonna's not the only person to take a spill during a spectacular musical performance. Jennifer Lopez famously fell on her tuchus at the 2010 AMAs. Heck, even Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Queen Bey aren't immune to the whims of gravity. Frankly, with all the dancing and flying and whatnot happening in these shows, it's a miracle anyone is able to stay upright.

Madonna has already posted an Instagram update with a picture of the amazing Armani cape she was wearing, assuring fans she's okay and that her cape was just a little too tight. Somewhere, an assistant is getting a raise for being a social media ninja — while a sexy Minotaur is getting a possible spanking. [Billboard]


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