The Fashion Solution To The Worst Winter Ever

There have been days this winter when just walking to the subway has felt like a voyage to the center of the Arctic. Bitter temps like these generally find you pulling on your most beat-up, salt-stained, ugly-as-sin puffer coat — the one that makes you feel about as optimistic about life as next week’s forecast on your weather app (that is to say, not at all). The mental dialogue you have every morning under the comfort of your duvet — you know the one: “Why can’t I just wear this outside?” — is apparently the same one Karl Lagerfeld wakes up to each morning, except he actually did something about it.
The Fendi show in Milan yesterday was a collection of everything we'd ever want to face another winter like this one, including a smattering of quilted puffer pieces. Constructed out of what looked like the same quilts and blankets we struggle to part with in the morning, the dresses, cropped puffers, and long sleeping-bag coats made us almost delirious with gratitude. Plus, the Fendi options ahead are about 1,000x more appealing than the old snowsuit you’ve been forced to don for months now. They almost make us excited for next year’s Big Chill. Almost

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