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20 Supermodels’ Kids Who Hit The Genetic Jackpot

The public is fascinated by celebrity children, from the moment a little one's birth is announced or, more likely, a clever “we’re expecting” Instagram is posted. Supermodels are no exception to our prying ways, especially when their kids grow up to take on the family business, find success by straying from that course, or simply — as in the photos ahead — inherit some of the most praised genes in the world. How can we not gawk and admire?
After all, how fascinating would it be to be a fly on the wall when Kate Moss, Iman, or Gisele Bündchen explains to her children what it’s like walking for Lagerfeld or seeing her own face reflected back from a magazine stand? How do they explain the luxurious art of jet-setting on a moment's notice?
Let's just say the stories told in the Crawford or Ambrosio family are probably very different from the ones you hear from your great-aunt Rose. But, until we're all invited over for Sunday dinner, we'll have to celebrate these accomplished, buzzed-about, and adorable model offspring the only way we know how: with pictures. Get to know some of these gene-pool victors in the slideshow ahead. 

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