The Real Reason Celebrities Need Stylists On The Red Carpet

Photo: Patrick Rideaux/REX USA.

the stars might make it look effortless, but getting ready for an epic event
like the Academy Awards is a lengthy process that requires an army. One of the most important members of the squad is a celebrity stylist, a once-hidden figure who’s now getting to share a bit of that Hollywood spotlight. Members of the best dressed list are now acknowledging they made it with a little help, and standouts like Kate Young
and Leith Clark have become known both in and outside of fashion
circles for their red carpet work. But, as The New York Times points out, it's Brooke Wall, founder of
the stylist agency The Wall Group — representing some of the biggest stylists in
the business, including the masterminds behind Julianne Moore, Felicity Jones,
and Reese Witherspoon’s Oscar dresses — who's helping to lead the charge. 

According to Wall, the reason behind this recent shift is
pure and simple: the actors and actresses are simply too busy doing their jobs.
As she told The Times, “A lot of the actresses are very focused, and these are the actresses
that I think end up with better scripts and better parts,” she explains. “But, if
you are 100% committed to that, you can’t be 100% committed to
understanding fashion." 

We certainly don’t believe that there’s a right and
a wrong way to understand fashion — after all, most of the fun is in
interpreting it for yourself. However, between attending fashion shows all
over the world, connecting with designers, and pulling the clothes that make the right statement, finding
the perfect outfit can take a lot of  work — and knowledge of the industry. Considering that these stylists are able to help facilitate ensembles like Julianne Moore’s amazing custom Chanel gown — that we still can't get out of our heads a full 12 hours after the broadcast — Wall just might be
onto something. (The New York Times)

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