The “Meet Cute” Video Every Single Person Should Watch Today

Ever notice how in the movies all you have to do to find true love is "meet cute"? A little fender-bender, maybe a glass of spilled wine, two dog leashes tangled up together, perhaps a briefcase left behind in his/her cab... A little awkwardness is supposed to trigger about 90 minutes' worth of flirting, pheromones, and fulfilling, ever-lasting love. In real life? Not so much. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, comedy writer/actress Carlin Adelson shot a rom-com parody that takes aim at the Hollywood version of romance. Turns out the "meet cute" will land you in the ER, not a quaint little wedding chapel with your nearest and dearest. Or, it could land you a guy with a wife, a baby, or (sorry) a very unfortunate, very prominent hairy mole. 
Or, maybe we're wrong and you should "accidentally" drop a plate of spaghetti carbonara on the next cutie you see at your favorite restaurant. Will sparks fly, or will you just have to pay a hefty dry cleaning bill? 

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